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Young Statisticians

The Young Statisticians SIG aims at involving and representing the interests of young statisticians. “Young” hereby is considered a broad term including statistical professionals that are not far into their career as a statistician, whether they consider themselves young or not. 😉

Purpose is to bring together less experienced and more experienced professionals from the field of statistics and data science and to benefit from the exchange: Young statisticians learn from people with years of professional practice while not-so-young statisticians learn about the challenges, hopes and problems and from an innovative, possibly new-way-of-thinking of young people.

The Young Statisticians SIG prefers to organize sessions during annual ENBIS conferences that are interactive and differ from the classical structure of a technical session. The sessions are called “Young Statisticians Inviting” in order to stress explicitly that the target group of the session does not only involve SIG members, but every ENBIS participant. E.g. the concept of a World Café with short impulse talks as well as role playing games together have been realized in order to transport the message of a session in a more active way and inviting the involvement of the session participants.

“Young Statisticians Inviting” sessions preferably take place at day one or two of the annual conference in order to encourage people to get to know each other and also to connect outside the session. Especially for people who are new statistical professionals or new at ENBIS, this is a good opportunity to join even possible activities, like an evening drink, outside the conference.

Past activities

ENBIS-16: “Communication between Statisticians and Non-Statisticians”

ENBIS-17: “Elevator Pitches and Co – Effectively presenting myself and my work in 3 minutes”

ENBIS-18: “Information Design & Usability – Fancy Things Sell”

ENBIS-19: “Two Worlds – Common Concept?”

ENBIS-21: “Active coffee break: A short poll on some fun and some constructive topics”


Contact person: Christian Capezza