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The vision of ENBIS

  • Decision making and running operational processes should be based on the efficient and proper use of data. Business and industry should be helped in creating value from data.
  • ENBIS seeks to evolve into the number one European forum for evidence-based decision making and data analytics in business and industry.

The mission of ENBIS

ENBIS is an autonomous Society having as its objective the development and improvement of statistical methods, and their application throughout Europe, all this in the widest sense of the words.

ENBIS shall try to accomplish this objective in particular by:

  • Fostering and facilitating the application and understanding of statistical thinking and evidence-based decision making to the benefit of European business and industry.
  • Providing a forum for the dynamic exchange of ideas and facilitate networking among data analysts, data scientists and statistical practitioners (a statistical practitioner is any person using statistical methods whether formally trained or not).
  • Promoting the widespread use of sound science-driven, applied statistical and data analytics methods in European business and industry.
  • Emphasising multidisciplinary problem solving involving statistics and data analysis.
  • Facilitating the rapid transfer of statistical, data analytics methods and related technologies to and from business and industry.
  • Linking academic teaching and research in statistics and data science with industrial and business practice.
  • Seeking collaborative agreements with related organisations.

ENBIS is a web based society

  • Membership interactions and administration via the internet
  • Services, news and newsletter available on the web