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Greenfield Challenge by Wiley

In his 2009 Box Medal Acceptance Address, Tony Greenfield challenged the members of ENBIS with the following words:

My challenge to you is that you will tell some audience about work you have done, and completed successfully because you used a statistical method. But that audience must be of people who are not statisticians.

And you will have spoken to those people through publications that are for the wider public, through magazines or newspapers, or from a public platform. You might even write a short story or a play.

That is my challenge: Tell the world, outside your circle, of work you have done, and done successfully because you used statistics.

With the kind support of Wiley ENBIS decided to pick up the glove thrown by Tony: in 2010 the Greenfield Challenge sponsored by Wiley was launched as an ongoing ENBIS activity and for the first time ever the prize was awarded at ENBIS-11 in Coimbra (Portugal).

How to participate in the Greenfield Challenge sponsored by Wiley?

We would like to encourage you to report immediately whenever you’ve had dealings with non-statisticians – in whichever form (face-to-face, in writing, in form of an audio or video recording, in interactive social media … ) or context (interactions with students, educators, managers and employees of organisations in private and public sectors … ).

The procedure to submit is simple. All those who wish to enter need to provide the following per e-mail:

  • A short (half a page) summary in English (specifying – choose as applicable – date, venue, target population/target publication and topic).
  • Presentation slides (if applicable; whatever the language they are in; we are confident that somebody in ENBIS will have some working knowledge of it).
  • A web link / web links (if applicable).
  • Other supporting material (e.g. newspaper clippings).

Every submission will be announced as a short news item on the ENBIS website and in ENBIS News.

Be aware of the next challenge to come!