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UK ENBIS is the UK’s local network of ENBIS.

UK ENBIS started several years ago when members involved in manufacturing and process industries, pharmaceuticals, retail and software decided to explore their common interests. UK supporters of statistics and statistical thinking are well served by the Royal Statistical Society and its various Special Interest Groups and most UK ENBIS members are also active in RSS. However, UK ENBIS is unique in offering close contact with our European colleagues and the opportunity to exchange ideas across their very different cultures.

Recently, a talk entitled Monetising Data was given by Shirley at Sheffield University and we hope to hold further cross-fertilisation events over the coming months.

Any member of ENBIS is welcome to join UK ENBIS. Please contact us via the homepage.

ENBIS conferences and Spring Meetings are the perfect place for meeting like and unlike minds. We welcome you to make yourself known next time you attend.

Founding Committee

  • Shirley Coleman (Newcastle University)
  • Lance Greenfield (Ocado)
  • John Logsdon (Quantex Research Ltd)

Piloting Committee

  • Shirley Coleman (Newcastle University)
  • Keith Harris (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Matt Linsley (Newcastle University)
  • Jonathan Smyth Renshaw (Jonathan Smyth-Renshaw & Associates Limited)
  • Eleanor Stillman (Sheffield University)
  • Kostas Triantafyllopoulos (Sheffield University)