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What is itENBIS?

itENBIS is the Italian local network of ENBIS. It is a group of Italian ENBIS members that commit themseves to the ENBIS mission while operating on the national scale, with the aim to promote business and industrial statistics.

What will itENBIS do?

Business and industrial processes churn out huge amount of information that when correctly processed can be exploited to understand the way things are done, and improve it. The aim of itENBIS is to promote best current practices in business and industrial statistics.

More precisely, we plan to:

  • Foster and facilitate the dissemination and the understanding of statistical methodologies to benefit and profit businesses and industries
  • Face industrial problems in new environments with statistics, proving the potentials of statistical approach, and, concurrently, be inspired, for new statistical methods, by the new demands from industrial business.
  • Nurture interactions between academic statisticians and statistical practitioners in Italy
  • Give emphasis to multidisciplinary problem-solving in Statistics
  • Promote the value of Statistics for business and industry and support enabling activities, particularly in the Italian SMEs.
  • Link academic teaching with permanent education in activities pertinent to business and industrial statistics.

How does itENBIS act?

  • In collaboration with SiS (the Italian Statistical Society), to enhance the common effort in the dissemination of the statistical culture in business and industry
  • By promoting tutorials and workshops to facilitate the rapid transfer of statistical methodologies to business and industry
  • And by organizing one-day workshop

Leader : Rossella Berni