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Design of Experiments Special Interest Group


Activities in 2012

The DOE SIG met with 11 attendees (Grazia Vicario, John Tyssedal, Bjarne Bergquist,

Erik Vanhatalo, Rosella Berni, Pat Whitcomb, Stefanie Feiler, Phil Kay,

Sonja Kunt, Tim Robertson and Ron Kenett). Bart De Ketelaere made further

contributions via email. Ron will prepare and distribute a document based on these

inputs and suggestions.

Meeting of DOE SIG at ENBIS 12 is on Wednesday at 8:30 in room P111

At ENBIS2012 we plan to have the annual DOE SIG meeting with good discussions and the traditional food and drink covariates. Seems that multiscale  experiments is still a hot topic and members are invited to submit concept papers with suggestions, challenges, controversies they would like to discuss on this or any other topic. See you in Ljubljana in September.



Activities in 2011

Design and Analysis of Experiments Industry Day, 30/11/2011

A special day of possible interest to ENBIS DOE SIG members is organised at the Cambridge Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences in association with a six months special program on DoE.

Details are available at:


ENBIS11 DOE SIG session,  5/9/2011

Topic of Discussion – Multiscale experiments

Participants: Ron Kenett, Willy Gochet, Koen Rutten, Giovanni Loiacomo, Winfried Theis, Henry Wynn, Bertram Schaefe, Grazia Vicario, Rossella Berni, Kate Llgoewelln, Heli Rita

Prof Henry Wynn presented a review of scale up and scale down issues in experimental design. He is preparing a report that will be posted on the SIG documents page.


Grazia Vicario and Roberto Fontana organised on March 16-18 a very impressive ENBIS-DEINDE Spring conference with strong focus on DOE and Simulation experiments.

The conference included an interesting panel on Scale Up and Scale Down experiments.

Thank you Grazia and Roberto!!!


Activities in 2010

Report of the SIG DOE Meeting on 14.9.2010

The DOE SIG is focusing on:

“Using DOE for designing and determining equivalence in technology transfer, scale up and scale down.”

Problems and challenges related to this topic include setting up experiments at the small scale for optimizing at the large scale, transferring  process and measurement methods (analytical methods) across sites or from R&D to production,leveraging knowledge gained in DOE from industrial applications to service processes and government structures.

The DOE SIG members agreed to compile such a list, at least 15 people raised their hands and indicated their intention to send a written document to be edited by ron and posted on this web page.

This list will be used o set the stage for a special panel discussion at the forthcoming ENBIS-DEINDE meeting in Turin on March 2011 (organizers: Grazia Vicario and Roberto Fontana). At that event, topics will addressed by invited speakers in a panel to be organized by David Steinberg. Henry Wynn offered to be the note taker and compile a written contribution that could eventually grow into a book or special publication. Martina Vandebroek suggested to videotape the discussion and make it available on the ENBIS Web site.

Please send your description of problem/challenge by the beginning of December 2010 to                                                      Ron Kenett (


DOE SIG members are also encouraged to send references to articles that might be of interest to the membership. The list below is a beginning of such a list and new references will be added to that list. The name in bold is the individual who submitted the reference and is willing to send the full paper upon request.

Acceptance Criteria for Method Equivalency Assessments, Marion J. Chatfield and Phil J. Borman, Anal. Chem., 2009, 81 (24), pages 9841 to 9848

Design and Analysis of Method Equivalence Studies, Phil J. Borman, Marion J. Chatfield, Ivana Damjanov and Patrick Jackson, Anal. Chem., 2009, 81 (24), pages 9849 to 9857

New Frontiers in Design of Experiments, R. Kenett and D. Steinberg, Quality Progress, pp. 61-65, August 2006.

Response Surface Methodology, D. Steinberg and R. Kenett, in Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability, F. Ruggeri, R. Kenett and F. Faltin (editors in chief), Wiley, 2007.

Achieving Robust Design from Computer Simulations, R. Bates, R. Kenett, D.  Steinberg and H. Wynn, Quality Technology and Quantitative Management, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 161-177, 2006

Scale Up Optimization Using Simulation Experiments,  Moshe Ben Tollila, Simona Malca, Roberto Novoa, Ron Kenett and Benny Yoskovitch, Process Development Symposium: Learn from the Past, Plan for the Future, The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Palm Springs California, June 11-16, 2006.



Activities in 2009

1. ENBIS-EMSE (1-3/7/2009) was a very successful meeting dedicated to the design and analysis of computer experiments. Many participants asked to have such a meeting every other year.

2. The ENBIS DOES SIG met on Tuesday 22/9/09 in Göteborg.

In attendance:

Martina Vandebroek – University of Leuven, Belgium

Stefanie Feiler – Aicos technologies

Alessandra Giovagnoli – University of Bologna, Italy

Oystein Evandt – Evandt Consulting, Norway

John Tyssedal – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Bradley Jones – JMP Division – SAS Institute, USA

Matin Tanco – Univ of Navarra, Spain

Heidi Wouters – ABlynx, Ghent, Belgium

Peter Goos – University of Antwerp, Belgium

Ron Kenett, KPA Ltd., Israel

In order to generate activities between annual meetings it was suggested to have a discussion topic for the next year.

DOE SIG members are asked to first explore the topic by summarizing relevant papers and suggestiing areas were applications and research can be combined.

DOE SIG members are welcome to send such material to ron,, who will upload it on the SIG web page. Hopefully the uploaded material will trigger interesting discussions and an exchange of ideas.

The topic agreed on is:

Using DOE for designing and determining equivalence in technology transfer, scale up and scale down.”

This topic is specially important for high mix low volume industrial and services where products require extensive tailoring.

Reports of activities up to 2008

A meeting of the SIG was held during ENBIS8 on 23/9/2008.

In that meeting we discussed several ideas on how to go forward, including a proposal by Ian Cox from JMP Europe to involve ENBIS members in assessing JMP products and elicit user requirements.

Jackie Ascher, who has significant experience with JMP, proposed to prepare in depth reports to JMP.

Daniele Romano was interested in evaluating JMP and other software products.

John Tyssedal also expressed similar interest.

We also discussed the future ENBIS-EMSE spring conference which is focused on simulation experiments. For more details see

Information on past DOE SIG activities is listed below.

  • Report on the meeting in Amsterdam, December 11, 2000.
  • Report on the meeting in Oslo, September, 18, 2001.
  • Report on the meeting in Rimini, September, 24, 2002.
  • DoE case studies.
  • Report on the meeting in Barcelona, August, 2003.

Case studies on design of experiments

The ENBIS working group “Design of Experiments” collects case studies for the benefit of ENBIS members. Case studies are available for ENBIS member

Rules for case studies

At it’s Oslo meeting, the working group fixed the following protocol for submitting case studies:

  1. Introduction and background
  2. Main objections of the experiment
  3. List of factors with important factors highlighted
  4. List of responses
  5. Issues to do with constraints
  6. Possible initial model
  7. Possible initial design
  8. Main design
  9. Modelling and allowances
  10. Points for discussion

Please take this protocol as a guidance when preparing a case study. Case studies can be submitted per e-mail to Ron Kenett. Acceptable formats are HTML and PDF.

NOTE: For any case study provided here, it is possible to obtain the data — at least in a masked version — so that other ENBIS members can replicate analyses or present alternative approaches.

An opinion paper on Quality by Design
This opinion paper was prepared by Ron Kenett for the Six Sigma Forum Magazine. It can be used as background for the DOE SIG meeting in ENBIS10.
DOE and Golf – a presentation to impress top management
A brief presentation on the application of DOE to golf – impress your top management with a description of how DOE can be used to improve their performance in golf….
DOE SIG meeting at ENBIS10
A brief outline of what is planned in ENBIS10
Seat belt retraction time (No access)
Provided for the ENBIS working group „Design of Experiments“ by
Ulrike Grömping (Statistician, Ford Motor Company) and
Carsten Bazant (Engineer, Black Belt, Ford Motor Company).